Sunrisers Not Competing in 2000

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The 2000 summer season will go on without the participation of the Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps. With the design of the corps being adapted to a smaller than usual size, the Sunrisers were prepared to take the field for the 2000 season with a show that would have been second to none. A very strong design, great staff and an enthusiastic membership, the brass and percussion sections reached the goals set for the upcoming season. New uniforms in place and ready to go.

Anxiously waiting for the guard to come in and fill out the entire program, on May 15 the realization came that the people responsible for this section of the corps had not done the homework that was required to make it all happen. Thus another set back for the corps.

With some old friends helping out to put a guard in place for the season, things started to take a turn for the better. Then came Memorial Day Weekend and the much needed income to start the season off on the right foot. But it never happened. A turn out that was less than encouraging and would not be acceptable to parade sponsors, let alone not up to the Sunrisers' standards. No parades Memorial Day and no income to start the season with.

This set back was unfortunately the last one that the Sunrisers would endure for 2000. During these past few weeks there have been many calls made, e-mails sent and contacts made to try and keep this whole project together. It will just not be for this season.

Plans are to continue to with some parades through the 4th of July. There will also be a mini corps for the I & E portion of the DCA Championships in Syracuse this Labor Day Weekend. Indoor Performing Percussion Ensemble and a World Class Independent Indoor Guard will also be new projects the Sunrisers will undertake for the winter of 2000 into 2001.

The Sunrisers, in order to continue, will have to become stronger in their community involvement, recruiting, management along with other fields. You, as an alumnus, have to get involved and will be look towards to help get the corps back on it's feet and up and operating.

That's it for now. Please, stay in touch and if you want more info, just want to say hi or want to help in any way, please contact me, Gary Williams at or call the Sunrisers at the YEA! office.
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      -- Gary Williams


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