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by Jodeen Popp

Eddie Rooney

Eddie Rooney is one of the more interesting drum corps persons. Most of us know him best as the fascinating columnist for Drum Corps News. But as long as we are thinking of and discussing him, there is more we ought to know.

Eddie was the first member of the Boston Crusaders - a snare drummer at age 14. He became their manager when he was 18, and it was he who organized them into an M&M unit, and created three feeder corps.

He also organized the Little Flower Cadets and Holy Trinity Cadets in Boston. In 1953 all three of his corps won their classes in the CYO Circuit.

He left the Crusaders in 1955 and devoted most of his drum corps time to writing - for several publications over the years, and also issued the first Drum Corps Directory and Pen Pal Directory.

In 1958 he became the manager of St. Kevin's Emerald Knights and led them to ten very successful years, retiring in 1968.

Outside of drum corps, he was a top amateur theatrical director and was called "the Boston Ziegfield" by legendary columnist Walter Winchell. That may well account for one of the greatest successes of St. Kevin's , spectacular field showcasing.

Mr. Rooney was also a performer appearing in summer stock productions and two motion pictures. He studied Special Theatrical effects at Radio City Music Hall. He was a member of the All American Judges Association.

One of the many very special people in our activity that we should all know about.

Jodeen Popp

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