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July 12, 1999, Bowling Green, KY - DCI - Drums on the Hill

Well, this is my view, amateur it may be, but hopefully an interesting perspective into a great DCI show.

As I sadly found out at the opening, Boston Crusaders had been involved in a bus accident leaving them not seriously injured, but too emotionally distraught to perform... I'm sure it would have been a great show..

Southwind... First up this evening with a great sound from the hornline that literally jump started the my evening... drill was ok... guard were pretty good... nice show over all... but a few minor cleanup areas... 3rd

Tarheel Sun... Not a bad corps either... Nice sound, but not the greatest choice of music... I really enjoyed the guard... 5th

Les Etoiles... Not a very good show, shouldn't have beaten Tarheel... awful drum major and the marching off the regulated lines wasn't a keen idea... should have gotten last... in all captions... 4th

Phantom Regiment... MY FAVORITE CROPS in the world... wonderful brass line that topped Cadets even though the judges didn't think so... they've also seemed to have picked up their pace on marching... I've never seen them really move as fast as they did that night... nice percussion... which awed me as they marched down the street into the stadium... 2nd

Cadets of Bergen County... They may be the reigning world champs... but aren't going to pull off another one with this show... I thought New York was supposed to be lively... but felt flat that night... ugly flags during closer... 1st

Thanks to Lee Sapp for directly emailing this review!

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