August 11, 1999, Madison, WI - DCI - I & E

Scores (posted 5:09:45 PM PDST, Wed, Aug 18, 1999)

Percussion - Individual And Ensemble
Cymbal Ensembles
Corps Score Placement
Colts 97.0 1st
Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 91.0 2nd
Magic of Orlando 90.0 3rd
Southwind 88.0 4th
Capital Sound 74.1 5th
Name Corps Score Placement
Kimberly Springer * Phantom Regiment 97.2 1st
Matt Janus Cavaliers 96.8 2nd
Chuck Ricotta Phantom Regiment 96.7 3rd
Kent Laukhut Phantom Regiment 96.0 4th
Kasem Thipayamethakul Madison Scouts 95.8 5th
James Nanasy Magic of Orlando 92.8 6th
Mark Teal Carolina Crown 92.1 7th
Jeff Torbush Cavaliers 92.0 8th
Bradley Palmer Magic of Orlando 91.7 9th
Matt Janes Southwind 90.6 10th
Christopher Vigeron Blue Devils 90.2 11th
Louis Rew Troopers 86.3 12th
Alicia Welch Carolina Crown 86.1 13th
Daniel Duffield Colts 85.6 14th
Ryan Kilgore Bluecoats 85.5 15th
Jamie Taylor Southwind 85.0 16th
Delton Davis Madison Scouts 84.6 17th
Adam Burke Americanos 84.3 18th
Mike Zuziak Pioneer 83.7 19th
Eric De La Santos Pioneer 83.4 20th
Colin Mcalister Blue Knights 83.1 21st
Cristy Immordion Capital Regiment 82.8 22nd
Sean Womack Magic of Orlando 82.6 23rd
Stan Muncy Yamato 82.4 24th
Jonathan Mack Spectrum 74.2 25th
Michael Azard Cadets of Brooklyn 71.9 26th
*High Overall Individual Percussion Score For Avant Garde Scholarship Award
Multi Percussion
Name Corps Score Placement
Daniel Villanueva Magic of Orlando 95.9 1st
Jeremy Chapman Cavaliers 95.1 2nd
Ben Handel Blue Devils 93.3 3rd
Carl Barone Jersey Surf 90.8 4th
Jonathan Paets Magic of Orlando 89.9 5th
Jason Hartmann Cavalier 89.8 6th
Name Corps Score Placement
Brian Spicer Cavaliers 96.2 1st
Paul Mutzabaugh Cavaliers 95.2 2nd
Crow Haney Blue Knights 94.6 3rd
Devin Namaky Glassmen 94.1 4th
Jason Church Carolina Crown 94.0 5th
Nick Worth Pioneer 92.9 6th
Jason Freitas Blue Devils 92.7 7th
Kevin Vlack Blue Knights 90.4 8th
Adam Nurre Southwind 89.8 9th
Bryan Smith Phantom Regiment 89.5 10th
Hugo Ramirez Madison Scouts 88.6 11th
Paul Webber Madison Scouts 87.4 12th
Brian Grahm Blue Knights 86.2 13th
Scott Simon Phantom Legion 80.4 14th
Meta Morrison Cadets of Brooklyn 70.4 15th
Eric Lemelin Stentors 60.2 16th
Percussion Ensembles
Corps Score Placement
Madison Scouts #1 97.0 1st
Blue Knights 95.0 2nd
Santa Clara Vanguard 90.2 3rd
Bluecoats 90.0 4th
Capital Sound #1 85.0 5th
Les Etoiles 84.0 6th
Magic of Orlando 82.0 7th
Capital Sound #2 76.0 8th
Name Corps Score Placement
Ercan Erhan Santa Clara Vanguard 96.6 1st
Joe Shuker Cavaliers 96.5 2nd
Carlos Botello Pioneer 95.5 3rd
Mark Hunter Cavaliers 95.2 4th
Brad Stevens Blue Knights 95.1 5th
Pat Fitz-Gibbon Madison Scouts 94.7 6th
Ted Wheeler Santa Clara Vanguard 94.6 7th
Jeremy Whiting Santa Clara Vanguard 94.4 8th
Bob Cizmarik Glassmen 94.1 9th
Andy Young Phantom Regiment 93.9 10th
Mike Rabinowitz Blue Knights 93.4 11th
Derek Suragh Magic of Orlando 93.1 12th
Gregory Anderson Blue Knights 92.9 13th
Kevin Namaky Glassmen 92.6 14th
Micah Hardwick Magic of Orlando 89.7 15th
Bryan Ohlsen Capital Sound 87.0 16th
Jason Lower Dutch Boy 86.5 17th
Colin Kicklighter Phantom Legion 86.0 18th
Eric Ramfdem Glassmen 85.7 19th
Troy Wiegand Phantom Legion 85.3 20th
Andy Stanton Spectrum 83.7 21st
Kazuyoski Morimoto Kiwanis Kavaliers 82.5 22nd
Jason Desmarias Stentors 81.0 23rd
Jason Hoskinson Capital Sound 80.8 24th
Damion Jones Racine Scouts 80.3 25th
Joshua Kistner Illusion 79.0 26th
Josiane Bell Stentors 76.9 27th
James Cairnes Racine Scouts 75.5 28th
Christian Jamal Academie Musicale 73.7 29th
Name Corps Score Placement
Zack Albetta Blue Knights 96.4 1st
Ryan Sirna Madison Scouts 94.8 2nd
Keith Rawlins Cavaliers 94.7 3rd
Jim Schleicher Glassmen 88.7 4th
Jaime Madrigal Bluecoats 88.4 5th
Bill Schueler Pioneer 83.9 6th
Nik Schumacher Capital Sound 76.2 7th

Brass - Individual And Ensemble
Name Corps Score Placement
Ryan Mcgeorge Santa Clara Vanguard 95.0 1st
Jesse Martin Santa Clara Vanguard 93.8 2nd
Louis Lugo Spirit of Atlanta 93.5 3rd
Dave Newcomb Madison Scouts 93.0 4th
T J Darst Cavaliers 92.6 5th
Fourbears George Madison Scouts 92.4 6th
Benji Mcclain Phantom Regiment 92.2 7th
Genevieve Danis Les Etoiles 92.0 8th
Doug Henderson Madison Scouts 91.5 9th
Brian Ellison Spectrum 90.0 10th
Ricky Alonzo Blue Knights 89.6 11th
Mike Miller Spirit of Atlanta 89.0 12th
Gabriel Flores Cavaliers 88.0 13th
Brad Williamson Southwind 87.0 14th
Benson Sharpe Boston Crusaders 86.5 15th
Paul Miller Americanos 86.0 16th
Melanie Miron Stentors 85.0 17th
Shanika Turner Southwind 84.5 18th
Joe Rodriguez Capital Sound 84.0 19th
Bryan Godman Southwind 81.0 20th
Jonathan Wright Kiwanis Kavaliers 79.0 21st
Anthony Jordan Cadets of Brooklyn 78.0 22nd
Stan Claus Ridge Raiders 78.0 23rd
Leroy Johnson Racine Scouts 77.0 24th
Russ Gavin Blue Stars 75.3 25th
Josh Perez Blue Stars 75.0 26th
Tim Waters Blue Stars 74.0 27th
Kota Izawa Yokohama Scouts 66.0 28th
Brass Ensembles
Corps Score Placement
Phantom Regiment 91.0 1st
Madison Scouts #2 90.2 2nd
Spirit of Atlanta 83.0 3rd
Boston Crusaders 81.0 4th
Santa Clara Vanguard 80.6 5th
Capital Sound #1 79.3 6th
Magic of Orlando 78.8 7th
Troopers #2 78.1 8th
Yamato 75.3 9th
Southwind #2 74.8 10th
Stentors #2 74.7 11th
Marion Cadets 72.9 12th
Troopers #1 72.8 13th
Kiwanis Kavaliers 72.0 14th
Stentors #1 61.2 15th
Racine Scouts 60.5 16th
Name Corps Score Placement
Jeff Robilard Madison Scouts 93.0 1st
Timothy Henning Phantom Regiment 92.0 2nd
Steve Mackin Cavaliers 91.5 3rd
Jay Hagy Southwind 91.5 3rd
Jeremy Grange Phantom Regiment 91.0 5th
Laura Mortimore Capital Sound 91.0 5th
Jay Stark Madison Scouts 90.0 7th
Darren Dukart Phantom Regiment 90.0 7th
Aaron Jensen Santa Clara Vanguard 90.0 7th
Hideo Aonuma Yokohama Scouts 89.0 10th
Devin Otto Blue Devils 89.0 10th
Tom Lukowicz Blue Devils 88.0 12th
Bryan Butler Blue Stars 87.0 13th
Devin Hoey Magic of Orlando 87.0 13th
Al Dobyns Pioneer 86.0 15th
John Belott Racine Scouts 85.0 16th
Bart Harrison Madison Scouts 85.0 16th
Tony Esobedo Blue Devils "B" 81.0 18th
French Horns
Name Corps Score Placement
Cory Meals Cavaliers 90.0 1st
Tim Bolender Illusion 76.0 2nd
Matt Okumoto Blue Devils "B" 69.5 3rd
Name Corps Score Placement
Alyssa Schild
Phantom Regiment
Tod Modgling
Scott Atchison
Blue Devils
Chris Prentice
Santa Clara Vanguard
Kris Neal
Racine Scouts
Mackenzie Hughes
Santa Clara Vanguard
Axel Foley
Madison Scouts
Joe Hamlin
Jim Hamel
Boston Crusaders
Jonathan Lewis
Robert Brania
Madison Scouts
John Barnes
Phantom Regiment
Dave Leckman
Capital Sound
Candace Cunningham
Eric Miller
John Kelley
Justin Heidelmark
Boston Crusaders
Hart Wilson
Capital Sound
Nanae Seki
Name Corps Score Placement
Andy Smartt Blue Knights 99.0 1st
Luiz De La Rosa Phantom Regiment 97.0 2nd
Tom Young Cavaliers 96.5 3rd
Casey Johnson Madison Scouts 96.0 4th
Michael Harrison Santa Clara Vanguard 95.0 5th
Jud Merritt Cavaliers 94.0 6th
Jesse Cook Madison Scouts 93.0 7th
Leslie Scarpino Colts 91.0 8th
Rick Espinosa Santa Clara Vanguard 90.0 9th
Ben Albright Bluecoats 89.5 10th
John Blickwedehl Glassmen 89.0 11th
Keith Robinson Blue Devils 88.5 12th
Joseph Moter Blue Stars 88.0 13th
Nick Klawitter Dutch Boy 87.0 14th
Brian Ecton Bluecoats 87.0 14th
Mark Morgan Southwind 86.5 16th
Andy Houston Cavaliers 85.5 16th
Travis Peterson Capital Sound 85.0 18th
Steven Mahadeo Magic of Orlando 84.6 19th
Michael Stone Southwind 83.0 20th
Jason Mauro Illusion 82.5 21st
Becca Sibilsky Americanos 82.0 22nd
Martin Vachon Academie Musicale 80.0 23rd
Jeff Townsend Colts 79.0 24th
Twane Trienekens Boston Crusaders 77.3 25th
Sean Seamon Blue Stars 77.0 26th
Chantal Phaneuf Stentors 76.7 27th
Dominic Dion Stentors 76.0 28th
Vincent Blyden Cadets of Brooklyn 75.0 29th
Rachel Chaffe Racine Scouts 75.0 29th
Jennifer Case Capital Sound 73.0 31st
Aaron Presser Racine Scouts 72.0 32nd

Guard - Individual And Ensemble
Name Corps Score Placement
Todd Ditchendoef Madison Scouts 99.3 1st
Michael Floyd Cavaliers 99.0 2nd
Sean Cooney Carolina Crown 98.9 3rd
Jennie Ann Blue Knights 98.5 4th
John Granazio Boston Crusaders 98.4 5th
Joe Martinez Madison Scouts 98.0 6th
Tamara Fallon Boston Crusaders 97.0 7th
Crisie Marios Bluecoats 96.0 8th
Jerry Bilecky Boston Crusaders 95.5 9th
Justin Gehman Magic of Orlando 94.8 10th
Pam Davis Southwind 94.7 11th
Chris Freisinger Southwind 94.0 12th
Katie Fabbro Bandettes 93.2 13th
Katy Joint Lake Erie Regiment 92.0 14th
Sachiyo Takahashi Yokohama Scouts 90.0 15th
Jenel Sciafani Illusion 89.9 16th
Angela Sottile Illusion 89.0 17th
Wendy Carolyn Bandettes 88.5 18th
Kira Van Kurin Spectrum 88.2 19th
Peggy Funnell Spectrum 87.5 20th
Name Corps Score Placement
Jamie Benigna Madison Scouts 97.8 1st
Michelle Klein Blue Knights 97.4 2nd
Jenna Curcuru Boston Crusaders 97.2 3rd
Karine Lussier Stentors 96.5 4th
Korrie Powelski Capital Sound 95.7 5th
Hitomi Ikeda Kiwanis Kavaliers 94.4 6th
Jamie Silkworth Lake Erie Regiment 94.0 7th
Christine Steussy Capital Sound 93.4 8th
Rodney Thomas Cadets of Brooklyn 93.0 9th
Yoshimi Ogawa Yokohama Scouts 92.5 10th
Jessica Baker Lake Erie Regiment 90.7 11th
Eri Ito Yokohama Scouts 89.3 12th
Miranda Souci Bandettes 89.2 13th
Sheri Stage Spectrum 89.0 14th
Sande Baker Lake Erie Regiment 88.6 15th
Jennifer Lavallee Bandettes 86.6 16th

Individual And Ensemble
Mixed Ensemble
Corps Score Placement
Blue Devils 91.5  1st
Santa Clara Vanguard 88.5  2nd
Blue Knights  87.0  3rd
Bluecoats  81.5  4th
Stentors 71.3 * 5th
Racine Scouts 62.0 6th
* 1.2 penalty
Five corps scratched

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