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August 13, 1999, Madison, WI - DCI Div. I - Championship Semi-Finals

What a great day for a drum corps show! Overcast and comfortable temperature wise. The predicted rain never materialized. Not too cold, so as to cause intonation problems for the lines, but cool enough to enjoy the show without sitting in a pool of your own sweat. It was a bit windy today, and most of the guards had problems today as a result. Generally speaking, I'd say that most of the corps went out and really tried to put on a good show today. Several of them ended up getting a bit ragged in their performance while trying to put in some oomph that might cause some movement in placement and score. Overall, I thought the movement in both scores and placements was right on - except for SCV and BD.

For today's review, my family decided that we would all contribute a brief comment on each corps. To put our opinions in perspective, here is a run down on our exposure to drum corps. My daughter is only 7, but this is her fourth time at Championships. My wife has been to Championships in 91, and 93 to the present year. She is deaf, so her comments focus largely on the color guard and visual program (obviously!). I marched 10 years, and have been at Championships every year since 78.

On to our reviews:

Pioneer - 75.3
He Said - Field entrance seemed rushed, but it did not seem to phase the corps. They had an excellent performance, but did let down just a bit - probably happy to have just made semis. Nice job!

She Said - Very nice performance for such a small corps

Out of the Mouth of Babes - I liked the color guard and they were nice and loud for a small corps

Spirit of Atlanta - 76.9
He Said - They had a rough show tonight. Tone quality was ragged, intonation suffered, and the marching was sloppy.

She Said - They seemed a bit rushed to get on the field, and they looked tired.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Kind of OK. The big flags looked pretty.

Southwind - 78.4
He Said - Excellent job tonight - as solid as last night, if not more so. Performance level/energy was up.

She Said - Visually appealing show with a good drill. They have a lot of potential for a corps just returning to the field.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - They were really good, and nice and loud. The flags were really big, and I liked the guard's hats.

Magic of Orlando - 81.3
He Said - They gave it their all tonight, and the quality suffered a bit, but the emotion was there - Great performance, and a stellar horn line!

She Said - Nice uniforms - always loved them as a corps

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Very, very loud, and the guard was awesome. The music was great!

Bluecoats - 83.0
He Said - They seemed better tonight, and they really gave it their all. The horn line at the end of the show got a bit rough, but overall they had a really great show.

She Said - They were a little boring - didn't do much for me.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - I liked the music and the flags were pretty.

Colts - 85.2
He Said - I thought they had a solid performance tonight. The soloists were on tonight. If they maintain tonight's execution, and pull out an emotional performance tomorrow, they could move up.

She Said - The color guard was not together at all the first half of the show, but overall they had a nice performance.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - So awesome, and they were so loud.

Carolina Crown - 85.3
He Said - They seemed a bit off tonight. The visual execution was bit dirtier tonight.

She Said - They have a great show. It is visually entertaining. I could actually feel their music.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - The flags were really, really good.

Boston Crusaders - 86.5
He Said - Great job tonight! They had a very powerful performance. The fans and RAMD cried for more volume from BAC, and then there was volume. The drum corps gods have listened! BAC finally cranked out some serious decibels tonight. During their ballad, another corps warming up was ridiculously loud - they were drowning out BAC on the field. They should have been penalized!

She Said - Excellent job overall. I liked the color selections for the uniforms and the flags. The guard was a bit troubled by the wind tonight.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Very, very good. I liked the really high guard tosses.

Crossmen - 86.7
He Said - They seemed a bit off from last night, and there was a bit more visual dirt. They performed well - just not as good as yesterday. If they perform like this again tomorrow and BAC, Crown and Colts are on, they could wind up in 12th. If they rock, they'll probably be in 9th.

She Said - Good performance and they move very fast. I don't like the uniform colors at all.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - They were good and loud, and the guard was awesome, and so was the music. But where was Bones???

Phantom Regiment - 91.7
He Said - Rock solid performance tonight - a very confident and take charge kind of a show. Visual execution is still a bit dirty, but it was better than last night.

She Said - Good choice of colors for the guard uniforms and flags. A very exciting show. One member of the guard was spacing out the entire show.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Very good and LOUD - SUTA!

Madison Scouts - 92.2
He Said - HOT! HOT! HOT! I thought their performance was much better than last night, and they should have been right on top of BK scorewise.

She Said - Awesome! I like the drill formations that fit the theme of the show.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - SO LOUD - they were the most awesomest today. But when are they doing the Pirates of Lake Mendota again? (She loves that show)

Glassmen - 93.8
He Said - Excellent job tonight - a big improvement over last night. There were a few tone quality problems in the opener, but the rest of the show was terrific - perhaps a bit of the jitters.

She Said - Beautiful visual! They have beautiful flags, and terrific coordination throughout the entire program. This is one of my favorite shows.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - they had nice music and the guard was really good at throwing their flags.

Blue Knights - 93.0
He Said - They were not as good today as yesterday. The visual execution was bit dirtier, and the performance level was not quite there. Crank out a great show tomorrow, and they might top Glassmen. Lay an egg, and they could be bested by Madison.

She Said - I was not very impressed. They seemed flat, and the guard had a lot of problems with the wind.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - I didn't really like them. They were boring.

Cavaliers - 96.8
He Said - They really turned it up a notch tonight. Absolutely awesome execution and performance from all sections of the corps.

She Said - Fantastic, fast, and truly awesome! Everything about their show was wonderful tonight. The guard was fantastic.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - They were really loud some of the time. The flag moves were good, and they march soooooo fast.

Cadets of Bergen County - 95.5
He Said - They had a good performance, and body control was better today than yesterday. However, the visual execution was not as good - more dirty sets tonight than yesterday. The tarps were blowing around at the beginning the of the show.

She Said - They have a great drill and a really good guard. Why do they need the tarps? And why don't they do something with the cabs?

Out of the Mouth of Babes - I lied the taxicabs - they were so cool. I loved the guard. They were good and fantastic.

Santa Clara Vanguard - 97.6
He Said - Absolutely on fire tonight! They threw down the gauntlet with this show. They performed like they wanted a Championship. Sum it up in a word - EXECUTION!

She Said - Champions!

Out of the Mouth of Babes - They were awesome, and it was cool yelling "Vanguard" in the first song.

Blue Devils - 98.5
He Said - A solid performance, but not nearly as emotional as SCV. Their show is great, it's fun, and it's cool. I love watching the guard.

She Said - They are good, but nearly as complex as SCV, Cavies, or Cadets, and not as clean as SCV.

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Awesome dude! Liked the color guard dancing so much. They made her ears bleed (so she says:))

Overall, this was a great show. Lots of potential for movement tomorrow night, which should make things interesting. All of the corps have something to shoot for and protect, so hopefully we will be treated to some really awesome performances.

Tim Kviz
Sky Ryders 85-88
Various Others 78-84


Thanks to Tim Kviz on r.a.m.d this review!

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