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1999 Scores  




June July August
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Murfreesboro, TN:
Scores Recaps
Cumberland, MD:
Scores Recaps
Clifton, NJ - Scores

Murfreesboro, TN:
Scores Recaps

Williamstown, NJ - Scores
Fond du lac- Scores

Alton, IL - Scores Recaps
Chattanooga, TN:
Scores Recaps
Tupelo, MS:
Scores Review Recaps

Evansville, IN - Scores
Cincinnati, OH:
Scores Recaps Review
Baton Rouge, LA - Rain Out
Leicester, UK - Scores Review
San Antonio, TX:
Scores Recaps Reviews
Port Huron, MI - Scores Recaps
Fleuriment, QUE, CDN - Scores
Toledo, OH:
Scores Recaps Review
Houston, TX:
Scores Recaps Review
Lynn, MA - Rained Out
Reading, PA - Scores Recaps
Rochester, NY - Scores Recaps
Brooklyn, NY - Scores
Trois-Rivieres, QUE, CDN - Scores
Dallas, TX - Scores Review
Fort Wayne, IN- Rained Out
Charlevoix, MI - CANCELLED
Burlington, IA - Scores
Amarillo, TX - Scores
Ocean Shores, MS - Scores
Stillwater, MN - Scores
Troy, AL - Scores
Stillwater, MN - Scores Review
Tulsa, OK - Scores

Wichita, KS- Scores
Columbia, SC - Scores

Omaha, NE - Rained Out

Durham, NC:
Scores Recaps Review
Waterbury, CT - Scores
Minoqua, WI - Scores
Mississauga, ONT CDN - Scores
Lakewood, NJ - Scores

Denver, CO - Scores - Reviews
Hampton, VA - Scores
Michigan City, IN - Scores - Review
Nashua, NH - Scores
Sault Ste. Marie, ONT CDN-Scores
Clifton, NJ - Scores Reviews
Warren, PA - Scores
Brantford, OTN CDN - Scores
Sharon Hill, PA - Scores

Bowling Green, KY - Review

Syracuse, NY - DCA:
Scores Recaps

Springfield, IL - DCM:
Scores Recaps

Madison, WI:
Division Finals:
Scores Recaps Review
Scranton, PA - DCA: Scores
Madison, WI- DCA: Scores

Madison, WI:
Division Semi Finals:
Scores Recaps Review

Madison, WI:
Division Quarter Finals:
Scores Recaps Review

Madison, WI - Division II/III Finals:
Div II Recaps Div III Recaps
Madison, WI - Division III Prelims:
Scores Recaps
Full I & E:
Percussion Brass Guard Mixed

Sun Prairie, WI -
Div II Championship Prelims:
Scores Recaps

Washington, DC - Scores
Canton, OH - Scores
Menasha, WI - Scores

Allentown, PA - Scores
Cumberland, MD:
East Providence, RI:
Allentown, PA - Scores
Grand Haven, MI - Prelims
Grand Haven, MI - Finals
Lynn, MA - Scores
E. Rutheford, NJ:
Scores Reviews

Rome, NY - Scores Recaps
Pittsburgh, PA - Scores Recaps
Kitchener, ONT, CDN:
Prelims Recaps
Kitchener, ONT, CDN:

Salem, VA: - Scores Recaps
Centerville, OH:
Scores Recaps Reviews
Erie, PA: - Scores Recaps

Winston-Salem, NC:
Scores Recaps Reviews
Hunington, WV- Scores Recaps
Sevierville, TN- Scores Recaps
Greenville, MI- Scores Recaps
Marion, OH - Scores Recaps

Jacksonville, AL- Scores Recaps
Charlotte, NC:
Scores Recaps Review
Ottawa, IL - Scores Recaps
Lakewood, NJ- Scores


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